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See how Marketzilla has tamed the online market place for these clients:

Marketzilla Case Studies:

National sporting goods manufacturer

  • Ceated web site for wholesale customers. increased web traffic by 200%

  • Developed print catalog and created direct marketing campaign to small retail customers increasing new customer accounts by 50%

  • Coordinated package redesign with national big box discounter to update modulars

  • Developed subsidary for direct to consumer website with online shopping

West Coast Weight Loss Surgeon

  • Redesigned website and optimized for organic search.

  • Listed Office and Hospital locations with map search

  • Created and implemented online advertising campaign coordinated with print media advertising resulting in an increase of 400% in online contacts

Weight Loss Surgical Clinic, Houston Texas

  • Designed and implemented online advertising campaign using geo targeting increasing seminar attendance by 35%.

National Bariatric Surgical Group

  • Implemented national online ad campaign serving ads on a geo locaiton basis to find a locaiton near the user.

Surgical and Medical Bariatrics Practice Group, Dallas Texas

  • Designed and implemented marketing colaterals including patient folders, Physician's office brochures and Point of Purchase Displays.

  • Designed and implemented multi domain website

  • Designed and implemented highly targeted local and state search advertising campaign resulting in a 100% increase in web traffic



  • Designed and implemented multiple websites including online seminar signup pages

  • Designed and implemented online campaign to coordinate with other media advertising programs