Marketzilla was formed in 1998.

Marketzilla was formed in 1998 by Shirley Ganske to support her Sporting Good business. While in that industry Shirley developed all package designs for consumer golf products her copany sold to national sportig goods chains and to big box retailers. This experience with Big Box Sales analysis proved to be invaluabe as the company slowly left the chain store segment and established it's own retail web site selling directly to consumers.

Beginning in 2003 Shirley began seeking clients in the weight loss industry just as the development of the Lap-Band® created the need for Surgiceons and Surgical support practices to adopt a direct to consumer marketing approach for the Gastric Band. Since then Shirley has been involved in the ground up development of several Weight Loss Surgeron and Weight Loss Program Websites and has demonstrated a unique understanding of Patient acquisition as it relates to Direct to Consumer advertising for Medical Practices.

With the passage of the Health Care Reforms in 2010, Shirley and Marketzilla are once again uniquely positioned to assist Physician practices who seek to establish private for pay practices to inclease their Patient Care over what Medicare and Insurors usually cover. If you are a Surgeon who normally operates in a Cash Pay arena or a Physician interested in a unique website and web campaign to help grow your practice, contact us today. Initial consultaitons are alway free.

Marketzilla, through it's media partners can also coordinate TV Radio and other electronic media presentations.






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